Product Design

CBS News

CBS News is a well-established news organization that operates, a prominent news website. The website provides a wide range of news content, including breaking news, feature stories, videos, and articles, covering various topics such as politics, world events, entertainment, business, health, and more. CBS News is known for its extensive reporting and journalism, delivering up-to-date information and analysis to its audience.

  • redesign
  • 2012
  • Comparative/Competitive Analysis, Whiteboard/sketching sessions,User Flow, Product Design
Project Overview

The previous CBS news website design exhibited minimal user engagement, prompting a redesign initiative aimed at enhancing user interaction.

Collaborating with a design team comprising two individuals, we reached a consensus on the revamped website’s direction. Our focus was on accentuating the visually captivating video content, and we embarked on a journey of several months, characterized by iterative experimentation and refinement.