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Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Style Quiz, aiming to provide users with a personalized experience that aligns with their fashion preferences and eases the overwhelming array of style choices. Through a user-centered approach involving research, testing, wireframing, and visual design, this paper outlines the journey toward creating a deeply engaging and user-friendly platform.

  • Style Quiz
  • 2021
  • Usability testing, User Interviews, Comparative/Competitive Analysis, Whiteboard/sketching sessions, A/B testing, Rapid Prototyping, User Flow, Journeys & Personas, Strategy, Product Design, UX
Project Overview

Creating meaningful connections with customers is a crucial aspect of modern user experience design. Participating in the Ralph Lauren Style Quiz is designed to be an exciting journey for customers, allowing them to discover and define their unique fashion sense.This experience aims to envelop users in a warm embrace, where the brand acknowledges and values their personal preferences.

The quiz serves as a gateway into Ralph Lauren's world, presenting tailored content, encouraging exploration of fresh styles, and offering a glimpse into the fashion house's iconic aesthetics. Ultimately, it empowers users to deepen their connection with Ralph Lauren and their personal style.


Pain Point

Many users perceive that the Ralph Lauren website isn't catered to their personal preferences, finding the myriad of style choices daunting. Our objective is to address this by offering a seamless, pertinent, and distinctly personalized experience. This approach is aimed at establishing an emotional bond and nurturing an authentic one-on-one relationship with each user.



Before proposing potential solutions, we diligently investigate the authentic needs of our users and their reasons for seeking a personalized experience. We conducted remote unmoderated tests and gathered user feedback through With a clear understanding of user pain points, we embarked on creating wireframes and an initial prototype. Usability tests with users provided invaluable feedback, leading to iterative refinements.

User feedback informed updates to the wireframe prototype, ensuring a user-centric experience. Once confident in the user journey, we progressed to the visual design phase. Prior to delivery to the development team, we conducted another unmoderated test to validate the visual design's adherence to the highest UX standards. Only when we were certain of the design's readiness did we pass it on for development.

By focusing on the Ralph Lauren Style Quiz and employing a user-centered approach that includes research, testing, wireframing, and visual design, we successfully addressed the pain point of overwhelming style choices. The result is an engaging and user-friendly platform that resonates with customers and fosters meaningful connections, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience.