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Red Owl Analytics

RedOwl Analytics is a security analytics platform that helps large enterprises and government organizations mitigate insider threats. Their platform uses machine learning to identify and analyze trends, patterns, and anomalies in user behavior. This helps improve security and oversight

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  • 2015
  • Data visualization, User Interviews, Comparative/Competitive Analysis, Whiteboard/sketching sessions, Rapid Prototyping, User Flow, Journeys & Personas, Strategy, Product Design, Wireframe, UX
Project Overview

The primary issue we identified was the necessity for PDP-level analytics information to effectively utilize the platform. The existing system proved challenging to navigate, with a heavy reliance on SQL query writing, making it nearly inaccessible for users lacking analytical expertise.


Our chief objective was to transform this intricate system into a user-friendly tool accessible to individuals with limited analytical knowledge. Through a series of iterative design iterations, we successfully crafted an intuitive and visually comprehensible analytical program.